Helping you experience a quality of life that you never thought possible!


With an emphasis on living in the present, we'll work together as we explore your diet, lifestyle, thought processes and spirituality in a judgement-free zone, with a loving sense of humor and gentle inquiry.  Then we'll begin to focus on how all these areas of your life are connected. We'll begin to unlock the secrets of how possible specific deficits or blockages in one area may keep you from thriving in another. We'll take into account your unique Bio-Individuality, your history and personal understanding of spirituality, and your particular way of thinking and how you came to understand  your life. I'll connect the dots for you in this process acting as your guide for the development of your self awareness and your independent wholeness—something that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

With my approach of combining Holistic Health Counseling and Energy Healing, in each session you are provided the safe structure you need to navigate transformation in your life.  As we work within this structure we'll also be organically inspired to design a true holistic approach for healing your body, mind and spirit, tailored just for you.  This inspired process will transform you and dramatically increase your health and happiness.  

We will move through the process together as you learn to Invite, Allow, Embrace and Celebrate your Divine Life! 

Through conscious focused conversations (where you do most of the talking), I open you up to inviting in your best and highest life by intentionally asking for what you want and determining what you need. More  


Working energetically at a soul level as a clear channel of Spirit I methodically assess and remove blockages, old patterns of thinking, karmic afflictions, and adjust celestial influences allowing you to make room for and receive the universal energy needed for healing and living in a more evolved state of being.  More  


This is where I guide you, (and sometimes be a little tough) about taking action to integrate the changes you have made at a deep soul level to realize your Divine Life. More  

Super Important! As a clear guide, I'll bring forth your new Self in the light so you can revel in, feel honored, and find the joy in your accomplishment of moving towards and into a fully realized Divine Life. More