Inspiring, Guiding, and Healing You into Your Divine Life

If you want to work with someone who really listens to you, who has the ability to really see you, to know you, to lead you, and to heal you at a deeply profound level,  then Kowecha may be the perfect fit for you. 

People who are struggling to find their way to being connected to their Source, who don't know what steps to take to move into a life that is bigger, or are suffering from the general malaise of being stuck, or struggle with issues of any kind that they want addressed at a spiritual level find Kowecha to be invaluable for creating the movement they need to make the most of their lives. Through her great compassion, intensely deep knowledge, highly developed gifts of healing and powerful connection to Divine Wisdom, she is able to empower, heal and guide them on a path that enables them to thrive and manifest their hearts desires, no matter what life dishes up going forward

Why Work With Kowecha? 

Kowecha invites each and every client to feel and experience the excitement of personal and spiritual growth and the joy of living an authentic life of health and profound well-being—and then shows them how to get there! 

Kowecha was consciously initiated by the holy spirit at the age of 4.  After years of childhood illness and no real improvements in her health, at the age of 13, she received the clear message; “You have to heal yourself, no one else can do that for you.”  At that moment she was called to her life as a healer and since then she has been dedicated to the study and practice of healing herself and others.  From her studies and training she developed the understanding of the "spectrum of wellness", which is not just absence of disease, but to realize the highest degree in which you can be living your Divine Life by using a Holistic model.  Her dedication to expanding her knowledge and wisdom in the field of healing and to the betterment of Humanity for the good of all is unceasing. 

The Journey Has Been Extensive!  

When Kowecha met master teacher Eleanor Leatham, a sound healer (Toning) she immersed herself in the study of vocal toning and vibrational healing for 7 years. She completed a 2 year coursework and training in “hands on” energy healing from Bill Torvund at The Sanctuary of the On in Seattle resulting in her becoming an Ordained Minister.  In addition to her extensive studies with many Master Healers, and Native American Shamans, she completed a BA degree at The Evergreen State College in Alternative Healing, which included a rigorous and extensive study of healing philosophy, traditional healing practices of world cultures, physical science, and the use of herbs, color, sound, crystals, meditation, prayer, ceremony and ritual for healing. As a life long learner and dedicated practical mystic, she completed the coursework and licensing to become a licensed Massage Therapist, and the certification for becoming a Holistic Health Counselor. She rounded this out with 5 years of working for and studying the philosophy and application of Functional Medicine with a highly sought Holistic MD. 

In her full time practice as a healer she incorporates her extensive knowledge, gifts, skills and experience of personal growth and the healing process in a synergistic and powerful way to facilitate the creative awakening, spiritual realization, and healthy life choices of those she sees.

When she is not completely focused on her studies or on healing her clients into their Divine Lives , she enjoys spending time with and traveling with her husband, Park, her daughter, Elista, and and playing with her sweet chihuahua and official door greeter, Jasmin.

Contact Kowecha today for a complimentary, no obligation initial phone consultation to determine if she is the right person to help you take the next right step toward your Divine Life.  The transformation begins the moment you make the call and either way you will leave this initial meeting with more clarity about your path and more confidence to pursue it.