Nicole, Dallas, TX

I started working with Kowecha several years ago and this journey has been incredible.  She has inspired me to keep going and to really reveal the true Divine inside of me.  I don't think I would be where I am today without the work we have done together and I wouldn't be the more confident, powerful and clear person that I am without her assistance and love.  A million thanks Kowecha!

Shari W. Austin TX

Kowecha is a gifted healer, and that translates into a communication of love and healing support that is personalized, effective and truly moving of the mind, body and spirit.  Her range of understanding is instructed by years of her own personal development and intentional  journey, and the life transformation of her many grateful clients.  Her gift brings alignment with one’s highest health and happiness. 

Marcie F., Austin, TX

Kowecha has been an instrumental part of my healing and spiritual evolution in the past 9 years of healing work we've done together. She is a gift and blessing to us all to further advance towards amazing health and well-being.

Beverly H., Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

I have worked with Kowecha for 4 years. I have finally found, after years of searching, a partner in my healthcare who understands me, my body, my psyche, what makes me tick (better than I do), WHAT I need to do/stop doing and WHEN to do it. She LISTENS to me and then discusses with me a recommended course of action that always fits me like a glove. When I change (and who doesn't), she helps me adjust to get the maximum benefit. She totally understands that health is not just about blood tests, or symptoms. It's about ME....how I feel physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. It's not about pharmaceuticals or the latest fad in the medical field. It's about providing a multi-faceted, holistic approach! She uses new, old, practical, tried-and-true techniques in combination with each other for maximum affect. I trust her completely and I'm always amazed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge! I not only have energy healing sessions with her, but I'm also a client of her holistic nutrition counseling and enjoy it thoroughly.

Thank you, Kowecha...for starting your own business so you are totally free to be with your clients at a level I've never experienced before. You look into my heart and my soul and then help me find my way. Thank YOU so much for caring so much about ME! I can never express how much I appreciate you.

MJN Partner, Gruene Texas Partnership 

As a result of working with Kowecha I have gone beyond just not being sick and moved into working toward more complete wellness, which I have experienced as  physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I have  a more complete understanding of myself and others as she has facilitated  identifying and resolving issues that were impeding my personal growth and healing and also aided me in transition to a new self.   What I have learned and what has been revealed and healed for me in the process has been surprising, dramatic, reassuring and truly life altering in the most positive sense.   

Rick R., Austin, TX

Kowecha Street is a great spiritual guide and healer, and delivers her message with a low-key common sense approach that leads you gently.  She is deeply spiritual, and can help you establish (or awaken any dormant) connections to that vitally important part of life.  She understands and identifies areas where you are blocked and helps open you up to perceive the real state of things and find your inner balance.  She also emphasizes the importance of nutrition and may recommend dietary changes and possibly cleanses.  
Kowecha helped me through a very difficult period in my life, and my overall health and outlook on life has improved substantially since I began seeing her.  I highly recommend her to anyone

Tracy D., Scranton, PA

I thought I would share some interesting test results I received from my doctor today. Before I came to The Crossings, I had blood tests done to try & get to the bottom of the rash I have had for five months. I've seen 7 doctors for this rash and no one has been able to figure out what is wrong. I received the results of my blood tests today and the doctor diagnosed me with Autoimmune Endocrine Syndrome. He said I have a problem absorbing B12 and that my adrenal glands are not functioning properly. After researching this syndrome on the Internet, I also found that it can cause an electrolyte imbalance - all of which you said I have when you saw me a couple weeks ago. I know you do not need validation from the traditional medical community for what you do, but I wanted to share these results with you so that you will be reminded what you do really does save lives. I started taking the adrenal & B12 supplements when I got home (I've had a hard time finding the electrolyte supplements, but will check Whole Foods again - they were sold out last time I went). I am going to see a specialist for additional testing, but I know your recommendations will be just what I need to manage this.

Deborah L., Austin, TX

The most incredible life changing experience... truly spiritual. I have found real inner peace.

Beverly B., Austin, TX

Kowecha has this ability to gently "get in there" and bring to the surface things that are underneath my level of awareness. Seemingly long forgotten wounds which have subtly (or maybe not so subtly!) affected me are brought forth to heal. Desires I was unaware or afraid of, have made themselves known~ the awareness of which has allowed them to manifest with remarkable clarity.

An image that kept coming to me for several days since my last visit with Kowecha is that of my illusionary self gently shattered like a sheet of glass and as the days passed I could see and feel the shards of the glass gently fall away leaving only my true self.

Donna B., Austin, TX

I find the work Kowecha does to be quite profound. I can't say that Kowecha works on me and then I lose weight, or my eyesight improves. However, I feel better after my sessions with Kowecha and then magical things seem to happen in my life -- habits fall away without my even trying, I seem more settled or content, my perspectives about things seem more expanded, I seem to blossom in ways that I have not imagined. For these reasons I heartily recommend people to work with Kowecha. To me she is like a blessing. 

Gayle E., Austin, TX

I have always been interested in natural healing. Regarding the kind of energy healing that Kowecha does, I would say that I was an open-minded skeptic; I didn't really understand how it worked, but I was open to letting it work for me. During the sessions, she tapped into some conditions of which I was not even aware. In fact, a few times I wasn't really sure I even thought she was right in her diagnosis, but I went ahead and followed her instructions anyway. I saw improvement in those areas that I didn't even realize were problems. There were other times when I had major breakthroughs during the session itself that left me shaken and in awe of what I had experienced. I always left the sessions with a sense of well-being that lasted through the following days and weeks. I would recommend this type of energy healing to those who have a general malaise that they can't really attribute to any specific cause, as well as to those who have a specific spiritual or emotional challenge that they want to address. Whether you have tried other disciplines or not, if you don't know where to go to find the answer for your current situation, this may be the place to start. Kowecha is definitely in touch with some higher healing power.