Kowecha Invite


Through conscious focused conversations (where you do most of the talking), I open you up to inviting in your best and highest life by intentionally asking for what you want and determining what you need.  I will provide for you an extensive set of forms to fill out in advance that we'll use as an initial template to form the basis for your Divine Life. 

Here are some of the concepts we will explore at this stage in our work together: 

Intention Setting

The ability to create Intentions is what separates us from the drop of dew on the grass. Even a weak intention is a good beginning for creating a lifetime of powerful intentions. Beginning where you are now we'll use intention as a tool to establish and refine your sense of purpose for the journey ahead. Don't worry, I'm really good at this and will help you nail it.  

Conscious Language

The power of the spoken word is a well known acknowledged change maker for good or bad, and becoming conscious about how we use our language and tell our stories is imperative to making internal shifts in our being that will reap big external rewards. I'll be listening and giving you lessons in this along the way.  


These started out in the New Age movement and have managed to stand the test of time. I've added a twist to mine that has made them more effective. My observation and studies have taught me that life is truly a paradox and you cannot have light without darkness. I have found that a two stage affirmation that acknowledges this will go a lot further in creating positive change. 


If you set the intention and create the affirmation then creating a ritual around it will cement it. Rituals have been used since the dawn of man to honor, invite and affirm that there is serious request for change or for receiving something useful or necessary in life. We'll explore simple doable forms of this for you that fit your lifestyle and your belief system.  

Reading Recommendations

Yes, I like giving homework, I may send you to a website, recommend a book, or have a set of handouts that are specifically determined to suit for your needs. 


Learn more about our other steps:  Allow, Embrace and Celebrate to fully experience your Divine Life! 


Working energetically at a soul level as a clear channel of Spirit I methodically assess and remove blockages, old patterns of thinking, karmic afflictions, and adjust celestial influences allowing you to make room for and receive the universal energy needed for healing and living in a more evolved state of being.  More  


This is where I guide you, (and sometimes be a little tough) about taking action to integrate the changes you have made at a deep soul level to realize your Divine Life. More › 

 Super Important! As a clear guide, I'll bring forth your new Self in the light so you can revel in, feel honored, and find the joy in your accomplishment of moving towards and into a fully realized Divine Life. More