Super Important! As a clear guide, I'll bring forth your new Self in the light so you can revel in, feel honored, and find the joy in your accomplishment of moving towards and into a fully realized Divine Life. And, of course, guide you in what's next! 

Here are a few of the concepts we'll be exploring in this area. 


The number one way to acknowledge that something has indeed taken place and a real change has happened is through Ceremony. I've written many of these for my clients over the years. They are a fun and loving way to mark the milestones of your growth and to give you a reason to cheer.  


We all love these. Our little hearts know that gifting ourselves with something we will treasure let's us know that everything is as it should be and provides a lovely sense of security in the choices we have made. The cost is not the object here, the non-tangible ones are actually some of the greatest and the reward comes repeatedly from the memory of it. 


Having a visual marker for your growth is a way to ground the experience in the present. I love to use altars as a way to do this and there are many other ways we can explore.  We'll look at what is important to you and I'll help you create a symbolic marker for work well done. 


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