Eat a Mostly Alkaline Diet for a More Positive Outlook

The connection between the effects of an alkaline environment in our body and the positive quality of our thoughts is profound.

In my practice I teach my clients how to eat a more alkaline diet not only because there is a long list of health advantages for keeping our bodies in a balanced pH range, but because it also helps you to maintain a positive attitude and clear thinking!

I cannot site any empirical data here, just personal experience and keen observation of others over the years. I can tell when the negative thoughts come creeping in that they are often related directly to my urine pH and my diet/ and lifestyle being acidic.

So how do we achieve a more alkaline pH?

The following information explains more about good dietary guidelines for an alkaline diet, which is a major aspect, but exercise and lifestyle choices that reduce stress are also factors.

To monitor your progress you can purchase some urine pH test strips from your local pharmacy or if you are a current client of mine you can pick some up at my office. They come in a small roll like tape. Tear off a piece from the roll that is long enough to comfortably pass it through your first morning urine stream. You want to go with the very first impression of color you see and not wait for it to change. There’s a little color test chart on the packaging of the roll that you can compare the color with. The ideal range should be somewhere between 6.4 and 7.2. You are looking for an average here, so some days you may be higher or lower, but the goal is to be in this range more often then not.