13 Ways to Nurture Your Spirit

“The roots of love sink down and deep and strike out far, and they are arteries that feed our lives, so we must see that they get the water and sun they need so they can nourish us.” Merle Shain, In  Hearts That We Broke Long Ago

What is your sun and water for nurturing spirit in your life and others?  

Here is  a brief list I composed that you can practice for the further development of your spiritual life:

  • Find a quiet place each day for 20 minutes to meditate.  Sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable, but upright position, and focus on a single meaningful word. When your mind wanders, come back to your word.  Increase to twice a day when you have time.
  • Set intentions for what you are wanting in your life, that will also serve the greater good. 
  • Work with affirmations to help bring your focus into living in the present and to integrate positive healing thoughts into the feeling self.
  • Practice the feeling of having gratitude for all that your life brings you until it becomes a habit. 
  • Be mindful of your language when you speak to yourself or others.  Do not use violent words.
  • Do something creative every day even if it is only for 10 minutes. This could be singing, writing, dancing, playing music or any other form of art. 
  • Go for a walk in nature at least once per week.  Take at least ten minutes during that walk to sit quietly and observe in detail one feature in nature that captures your attention. Ie. A leaf, a branch, a rock, a tree.  Allow your self to observe it in slow motion, let yourself get lost in the object and be open to a shift in your perspective about it. 
  • Spend time once a week with like- minded individuals who are also on a spiritual path. This can be at a church or with any group that meets on a regular basis.  
  • Find a way to be of service to others, as a volunteer or with your family or in your work or all three.
  • Read books on spirituality and growth to help you understand the process and help you feel supported in your journey.
  • Work with someone who can guide you through the process. There can be many twists and turns and it helps to have someone there when you get stuck. 
  • Take some classes like yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi gong, toning, etc., they help to slow down the mind and enhance your ability to meditate.
  • Seek help with your physical health. Spirit moves more easily in a body that is healthy and full of vitality.