Working energetically at a soul level as a clear channel of Spirit I methodically assess and remove blockages, old patterns of thinking, karmic afflictions, and adjust celestial influences allowing you to make room for and receive the universal energy needed for healing and living in a more evolved state of being. 

Energy Healing is the best method I know of for creating profound movement for the process of allowing change.  It is integral to the work we will be doing and is offered as a part of every session.  I use a “laying on of hands” approach. Each session includes an evaluation of current work that needs to be done as well as regenerative toning and balancing of your energy field.  You will always be sent out the door to face the world with a renewed sense of empowerment and connection to your Source. 

During the Energy Healing I am able to pick up information that will help define the next step in your progress using my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairscentient abilities. This is also where I act as a clear channel for the Universal Life Force that will assist you in releasing energetic blockages, thought forms, past life influences, and assist you in making choices about what is available to you in this lifetime for healing yourself.  During this time we will also focus on the health issues that may be related to energetic imbalances so I can help determine where you may need to go next for your health concerns. It's also a time of deep rest and renewal, greatly helping to reduce your stress and teaches you how to relax in a way that you have never experienced before. 


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